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Inspired by a well-organized Rehabilitation Center in the South, and seeing that such a service was badly needed in Varanasi, a small group of people came together in 1990 to realize their dream: to start an Outreach Service for disabled children and youngsters, in Uttar Pradesh. To begin with, they contacted people in Varanasi as well as abroad, asking them if they were willing to collaborate in such a venture. In this Center they would welcome especially children of poor families who suffered from the effects of poliomyelitis, of rickets or also of cerebral palsy, and others.


They were given some rooms in an old Ashram at the outskirts of the city to do the first steps… Soon some neighbor children or siblings of the disabled ones wanted also to join, and thus, quite naturally, was born the reality of integration –- children with different abilities and limitations -- learning, playing and working together.


The name of the Center was to be KIRAN, a Hindi word which means “Ray”, a ray of hope and life and joy. The working team should consist of Indian people who come from different languages, religions and walks of life, but people who have one common goal: to serve the well-being of the “differently-able children” with love and professional skill; great emphasis would be given on the need to involve the parents of these children in the rehabilitation process, in order not to become a home where parents would just “deposit” their child and get rid of their responsibility…


Since the founder was a person from Switzerlandwholivedalready since 1972 in India,she got good contactswith friends in her home-land; they were very readyto support this work, right from the initial stage. The KIRAN-Friends-Association was created,in St.Gallen, Switzerland, and till date it has grown to a large & beautiful net of care and friendship.


Additionally, and in order to assure the financial support for the future, the KIRAN-FOUNDATION, SWITZERLAND has been brought to life in the year 2003.


Philipp Hautle, founder and former president of KIRAN
Urban Zehnder
, president of KIRAN Friends Association
Urs Keller
, president of KIRAN Foundation


But the actual responsible body for all the activities in the KIRAN Centre is the KIRAN SOCIETY, registered in India since 27th Jan 1994. Today there are 9 experienced Executive Committee Members and about 15 General Body Members. They carry out their responsibility as caretaker/guardian of the Centre for its proper management and for the safeguard of its objectives.


Efforts are made to bring to life such a KIRAN-Friends-Association also in India, because without the helping hands of the society at large KIRAN will not be able to reach out with these services to all those who need them..…The members of the KIRAN-Friends-Association receive regularly the newsletter. Please do contact us if you wish to join this adventure of trust and friendship !



Soon the rooms of the Ashram became too small. It was necessary to look for some land in a green and healthy place. With the help of many friends from different countries, some land was purchased, not far from the river Ganges. Thus a beautiful KIRAN Village has been built, to meet the various needs of education and rehabilitation of the differently-able children. What a joy to shift there in the year 1998…


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