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KIRAN has its main focus on the integration of persons with disabilities. We constantly are in process to maximize the chances for integration of our youngsters. For a smooth process, all the involved persons such as the youngster, family members and attached experts of KIRAN are preparing the integration into society in a long process. For young men going to city schools who are suffering of big immobility we have a special city hostel near the university campus at Lanka.

If the time has come for the youngster to leave KIRAN, our Social Integration Department with Mr.Rajendra Nath (MSW) as a long experienced coordinator, takes over the task to support and guide the youngsters.

Some of our outgoing students continue their school-carriers in the city at a college or at university. Others who just finished a vocational training in KIRAN start into their job. In some cases, we support them with a guided micro-credit for income generation. Our IGP-Officer helps the youngsters and their family to tailor a realistic program and support them with counseling and regular home visits.  

To maintain contact and family-spirit of KIRAN with the outgoing youngsters, regular meetings (City Youth Meetings) are held every two months. Special programs such as Cricket matches and cultural programs are held to provide a good opportunity to meet friends- disabled and non-disabled as well. Every year a group of students also join the adventure camp in Siliguri, near Darjeeling.  

We are convinced that inclusion of differently able people
into society through social integration is a must as well as a right for every human

We are happy and proud, that many young people of KIRAN have found a place in society and a good job. Radha and Satish are now teaching at Aryana International School.

Every two months ex-students from Kiran are meeting at our Suryoday-Hostel in the city to share experience, knowledge and friendship.

An adventure week at a camp in Siliguri can be a big challenge and experience!


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