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The KIRAN Vocational Department is providing professional trainings in five different trades, especially to handicapped youngsters.

These vocational trainings empower the young people to show their abilities, improve their skills and knowledge and become real professionals in their work.In this sense it is very much true that “The Way is the Aim”. What our trainees achieve during their vocational training in KIRAN Centre will help them to improve their self-confidence, to become more and more independent and finally to integrate in the society - to earn their living and lead their lives with dignity and self-determination.

                Our Vocational Training Units :
Wood workshop IQ-Toys -

Training in general wood work, carving and especially in manufacturing wooden educational
material like teaching aids, therapeutic toys, mind challenging games, etc.

Horticulture -
Training in general gardening work and maintenance of the KIRAN park like garden

Bakery -
Training in making different bakery items : bread, cakes, biscuits, muesli, peanut butter

Tailoring -
Training in tailoring : gents and ladies garments, bags, purses, pillow covers, etc.

Art & Design-
Training in designing and different techniques of manufacturing art work and handicrafts :
screen printed cards, hand painted scarves, batiks, different embroidery work, handmade
paper bags, etc.

The items produced in the vocational units - handicrafts, wooden toys, textiles and food
products are sold in our two KIRAN City Shops.
Handicraft & Bakery Shop
B1/122 Plot No. 42,
Domraobagh Colony,
Phone : 9838555823/24


Be smart — Play with IQ-Toys !

    * Toys for cognitive training
    * Stimulating toys for toddlers and differently able children
    * Teaching aids for mathematic learning
    * Classroom learning aids
    * Therapeutic support materials

Founded in the year 2006, IQ-Toys is a vocational unit to enable youngsters with different abilities to learn woodwork in a structurized matter and in order to provide them professional knowledge for further guided integration into society.

In KIRAN we have a park like garden, which needs a lot of care. This care is taken by the team of the Horticulture Unit.

In this vocational unit the trainees learn all about horticulture work as :

    * Preparing flower beds
    * Trimming herbs
    * Cultivating roses
    * Preparing seeds for nursery
    * Identifying different plants
    * Overall caring of garden


Have a taste of our delicious bakery products as marble-, chocolate-, banana- or carrot-cake, different kinds of biscuits, muesli and a variety of bread !

In the Bakery Unit youngsters with different abilities have the chance to learn the job of a baker.
When you approach our bakery you will be attracted by the fresh smell !


Look at our Tailoring Unit!

We provide two different kinds of trainings:


In Grihini Course young girls from villages in rural areas, who did not attend the full school education get training in:

- Reading and writing
- Tailoring (Cutting and stitching)
- Cooking
- General Knowledge


The Tailoring Course is especially for educated girls and women (class 8 passed and above).
The main purpose of this Course is to optimize their talents and abilities, so after the training
they may be able to open a tailoring shop, teach about tailoring in a school or work for a firm.

Training in:

- Ladies dress
- Gents dress
- Hand embroidery
- Hand knitting
- Scenery painting



Hello, this is Art & Design Unit.
We feel we are newly born birds and we want to fly into the open sky of creativity. We proudly produce silk scarves, batik wall hangings, candles, jewelleries, bead works, purses, cards, balm and screen printing. items.


In Art & Design youngsters with different abilities get a training to improve their skills and abilities in arts.
So after completing this training they may be able to earn their living and lead their life with dignity and self esteem.

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