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Through the Outreach services we reach out to children of far off villages in the surrounding districts of Varanasi. Our Outreach team, consisting of a Neurologist (our Medical Director), a Physiotherapist, an Assistant Physiotherapist and an Ortho-technician, visits villages regularly on scheduled days. The Outreach team evaluates the children and takes remedial measures – to bring them within the rehabilitation process through therapy, education, training and counselling. If surgery is necessary, the child is brought to KIRAN Centre for their pre- and post-operative care. A specially designed Outreach-hostel hosts the children with their caretakers and provides them a friendly and safe environment. Few specialists, including Orthopaedic Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons in Varanasi city are involved in caring for corrective surgeries within affordable means.

Since the Outreach team believes that only through regular contact with the children and their families, positive results of rehabilitation can be achieved, the team works with those NGOs that are specialized in common development services at grass root level. KIRAN tries to integrate disability development programmes in the regular activities of these organizations, by providing technical guidance and intensive training for the social workers of all different levels, and by regular follow-ups, in a meaningful way.


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