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Our Farmer Students in today's Life:


From the day of inception, KIRAN has been emphasizing on social rehabilitation of differently able youngsters through vocational training, with the aim of helping them to find a suitable job. Some others have received a small micro-credit so as to arrange self employment in future.

We are glad for the few students of Kiran who have achieved their dream of coming forward to the mainstream of society, by finding their way out through the education and trainings they have received from KIRAN Centre. And of course, we are confident that many more will be able to earn their living through the abilities they have developed while being part of the KIRAN family….


Babulal (polio-paralized) was for 7 years in KIRAN, where he also learned the skill of playing tabla. He is now a teacher in an integrated school at the outskirts of Varanasi.

 Santosh was a good student in KIRAN and is today earning the living for his family through a self-established repair-workshop of batteries
 Soma (polio-affected) studies after her initial schooling in KIRAN in a college, where she aims at best performance with the hope of becoming a medical doctor


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