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Steps towards success………!   

My name is Seema Yadav. Right now I am studying in B.A.(Bachelor of Art ) IIIrd year in Bananas Hindu University, Varanasi. I live in Seer Govardhanpur, Varanasi with my material uncle. My father Mr. Lallan Prasad Yaday is a farmer and my mother Mrs. Chandrakala Devi is a house wife.

I have two brothers and only one sister. I was born in year 1990. At that time I was a normal child. I was affected with polio after 2½ years of my birth. As a result I could not just crawl on my feet. My parents were very much worried about my situation. One of my uncle informed them about KIRAN Centre and then I was brought here for treatment and admitted to school. Soon I got calliper and crutches. After completing class 5th , I was integrated to a normal school in the city with the help of KIRAN. I successfully completed my matriculation with first division in science group from Mahamana Madan Mohan Inter Collage. My aim is to become a doctor so as to help the needy of the society but unfortunately I could not clear the P.M.T. (Pre Medical Test) examination. It doesn’t make me discouraged. I will once again try to appear in P.M.T. entrance examination after my B.A. degree. 

Yes, it is true that I cannot forget the time I had spent in KIRAN and I make sure to attend regularly the youth meetings of KIRAN Centre. I am proud of myself and I thank God that He has given me an opportunity to meet this type of people in my life. Especially I express my heartfelt thanks to Sister Sangeeta J.K. for financial and moral support in my difficult situations. Yes, she is my ideal.  Thank to all of you for your kind help and cooperation.

                   By Ms. Seema Yadav, Ex Student 



It was 30th Oct. 1982 when a baby boy took birth in the house of Mr. Smeshwar Pandey at Brahmanal, Chauk, Varansi. Mr. Someshwar Pandey was very happy with his family. There was a big gathering of his well – wishes at home. But this happiness was not for a long time. After 6 months of his birth, the baby suffered from high fever and at the same time he was grabbed by Polio. All family fell into the sea of sadness. But soon they came to know about KIRAN Centre which proved to be a boon for Satish. They saw a ‘Ray of Hope’ into the life of Satish. Satish’s father was a business man whose life came to an end just 2 years before. He had great faith in God and he believed what has happened with Satish, is the gift of God. Satish would come in KIRAN centre for physiotherapy and at the same time he learnt painting.
Satish had a great interest in soft toys. Despite difficulties he learnt making soft toys with the help of his sister. (As training centre was in second floor and it was difficult for him to climb. Therefore, his sister took imitative to learnt.)
Help of KIRAN Centre, effort of family and kindness of God made Satish success and after completing graduation he started to work in Aryan International School, By pass, Varanasi, as Craft unit in charge. In his great achievement Mr. Rajendra Nath Rai, Manager of Social Integration played a vital role.
Satish covers 200m distance on foot to catch the school bus with happiness and politeness on his face as though he is saying, ‘’ I have to go ahead and touch the maximum height of success’’.    Thanks!


Now Babulal is self – reliant

19yrs. Babulal Verma who is mild mentally retarded, lives at Chhoti Gaiby in Sigra, Varanasi. His father, Mr. Kallu Ram Verma is Head – Clerk in Matadin Shukul Inter collage, Rohania, Varanasi. Babulal’s father wanted to rehabilitate him in KIRAN Center. In July 2003 he joined ‘self-help group’ the Special Education Department of KIRAN Centre and his class teacher worked hard with him. In July 2005 on the basis of his progress and development he was transferred to ‘Life Skill Group’ where he learnt daily activities, reading, writing and others skills.

Babulal’s parents thought that Babulal would do nothing in his life as he is mentally retarded child. On the 13th October 2008 he joined ‘Lean & Earn Group’ to learn Social behaviour, counting of rupees, weighing etc.
Babulal is a person of helping nature and he respects everybody. When he was asked to work outside, he became ready.

On 18th December 2008 Babulal’s father together with Mr. Rolf, Swiss Volunteer  and Mr. Ram Shakal, teacher visited Rajshri Food Product, Sigra and discussed  with the Director Mr. Bhuwan Lakhamani who became ready to rehabilitate Babulal in his own factory.

In the beginning his father helped Babulal by dropping him to the factory, but now he goes on work without any help. He goes to the factory with bicycle which is donated by Bhuwan Ji.  Now Babulal is self – reliant and happy with his parents.


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