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Project 365 Day:  Under this project, on any auspicious or memorable  day, like a birthday or anniversary, you can donate the cost of our children’s noon meal, which comes to RS 1000. daily. If possible, you are welcome to come and share the meal with the children on that day. It is our aim, in this way to cover the year’s calendar with flowers of friendship and sharing.

(click here for the brochure of “365-day-project ”)

Project “let a child walk”: The majority of children affected with polio-post-paralysis, and many others need aids & appliances (calipers or other) to support their movements. These calipers are nowadays made of polypropylene and are quite costly. We manufacture them in our own Orthotic Workshop. By a donation of RS 1500.- to RS 3000.- you can help a child to walk. The amount depends on the severity of the paralysis and the age of the child.

(click here for the brochure “let a child walk- project ”)

Join the Indian Kiran Friends Association: The IKFA is a group of committed people who are associated with KIRAN just through friendship, because they want to help widening the network for the support of KIRAN. By paying the membership-fee of RS 100.- for one year, or RS 1000.- for life, you become an IKFA-Member and will receive the Newsletter twice a year, and thus get regularly informed about the activities, joys and challenges in the KIRAN-family.

(click here for the brochure “IKFA-Membership ”)

Purchase from our SURYODAY-Shop: if you live in Varanasi, you are welcome to become a regular customer of SURYODAY, which is our shop situated at Lanka, not far from the Benares University. Many gift-items, different breads and biscuits are produced in the KIRAN Centre and sold there. All the profit of this sale goes to the welfare of children and youngsters of KIRAN. If you are unable to visit the shop, you can order any item by phone or mail.

(click here for more details of Suryoday Shop)

Give employment to a differently-able youngster after his/her training in KIRAN: for this, please contact us any time.





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