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While our attention goes more and more towards the cerebral-palsy (CP) affected children, we are becoming strongly aware about the very demanding task to give proper guidance to the parents of such children. At the same time, the fact troubles us, that many profoundly-affected CP-children are not able to visit any centre or special school, just because of its inexistence…And thus they are just lying at home, without any hope for improvement…

In our KIRAN centre, we wish to do just a small step towards helping out in the above mentioned difficulty:

MOTHER-TRAINING: under this program we welcome mothers with their CP-affected child to stay in KIRAN for about one week, so as to give the mother a chance to learn better how to handle the child and to give him/her some educational and/or therapeutic input.

HOLIDAY-CARE: there are CP-affected children who never get a chance to go out of the house, and its parents are caring for him/her 24 hours throughout the year. Under our “HOLIDAY-CARE-UNIT” we offer such families the possibility for a little change: the CP-child can stay for a week or so in our Ravinivas, to get a lovely holiday in good care, and the parents might during those days be able to have a little rest too.

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