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Is KIRAN a recognized centre for to study special education?

Yes, we are recognized by RCI (Rehabilitation-counsel of India). The diplomas will be issued by IGNOU through RCI.


Why should I study in KIRAN and not at any other place?

KIRAN is a specialized centre for cerebral palsy and loco motor impairment. The training fees are not too high, and there are scholarship-possibilities as well. The scholarship-options are specially designed for students with disabilities and from poor family background (and are not dependent on previous school marks!).


Do I get a job placement after my studies?

No. KIRAN is not offering jobs for outgoing students. However, if there is vacancy for a job at KIRAN, fresheners may also apply.


How is the chance to get a post as special educator after my studies?

You may get a job in a NGO/ NPO or a social organisation. Some educators are enrolled in home based education programs. Further more with the global concept of “Inclusive Education” the government has taken up the task to increase the number of posts at public schools for special educators.  However, the idea is still in a planning state. Nevertheless working in the field of disability offers a variety of options for social minded personalities.


I am not sure if I should do B.Com or Special Education. What would you suggest?

Working in the disability-field needs a strong commitment. There is no big money to make. You need a genuine interest in human nature and in teaching as a subject. If you are not sure about your skills and wants, you are welcome for free counselling at HRTC. Just fix an appointment by phone.



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