Short Term Courses


KIRAN offers several short term courses on special request of various organizations and their staff. Upon request of the organizations, KIRAN’s HRTC faculty is able to identify the training module needed and organize training for 1 to 2 weeks with the coordination of the concerned departments. In this way, tailored short term courses are created to satisfy the needs of different organizations and make their staffs more skilled and professional in the field of disabilities.

KIRAN’s faculty has previous experience in courses for:

-Schools pertaining to Inclusive Education.
-Teachers and special educators in play-way methods, mathematic learning, and sensory stimulation as approaches to “Sensory Integration”
-Small enterprises pertaining to mainstreaming disability, and employing staff with disabilities.
-Medical practitioners about cerebral palsy, and other disabilities; assessment, early intervention, etc.
-Health care workers, field staff, medical officers pertaining to disability issues and treatment.
-As well as customized courses for individual organizations and their required needs.

If anyone wishes to hire HRTC facilities or seek HRTC resources for a short term course please contact: