At KIRAN, we like to visualize empowerment as a series of stepping stones. Rehabilitation is at the core of the foundation. Through targeted forms of therapy, our goal is to bring all of our children to the highest degrees of mobility, physical strength, mental health, and cognition. Our dedicated team of Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Orthopedics, and medical professionals devises individual success plans for each child that steps through our door. Leading with our “bottom-up” mentality, we believe therapy is a family affair. As we work with children, we invite parents to share in the experience so they may better help their children navigate cognitive and physical challenges. However, our reach doesn’t stop at our door, we have a growing outreach program that dives into our surrounding communities to bring short-term and effective therapy to children without the ability to stay at KIRAN. As we have expanded, we have seen the need for our services throughout Uttar Pradesh and we hope to continue growing our “ray of light” with rehabilitation at the center.