Special Education



The special education unit focuses on the education of children with different disabilities. We offer five different groups based on the child’s ability, age, and need. Cooperation and support of parents is an essential element in special education. The goal planning is done in partnership with parents. Wherever possible, children in this unit receive preparatory education to integrate them into other KIRAN Village classrooms or into a local school near their homes.

1. Academic Group :
Due to some physical limitations or lack of decent exposure children in this group are not able to find a place in the normal schools but still have the capacity to complete their standard academics. The children in this group are below 8 years of age. They are affected by different ailments such as cerebral palsy (CP), mental retardation (MR), among others. The main focus is to integrate these children into the regular school system. Each child undergoes routine quarterly assessment, after which an individualized action plan is devised. The children work on identification of letters, counting of written numbers, identification of colors, communication skills, and other basic skills. We focus on increasing their independent in everyday activities such as eating, toileting, seating, and walking. Effort is also made to integrate the children of this group into the KIRAN Integrated Primary School whenever possible.

2. Functional Group Junior :
In this group are children, under 12 years of age, who cannot follow pure academic skill and have some behavioral or physical limitations to their education. All children in this group undergo a routine quarterly assessment where an individualized action plan is devised. At this stage, we teach them the very basics of the primary activities such as independence in eating, toileting, seating, and walking. Academically, they learn written counting of numbers up to 30, how to tell time, identifying colors, and communication and safety skills.

3. Functional Group Senior :
Children in the age group of 13 to 16 years who have never been to school are eligible for admission in this group. The children in this group, due to the severity of their disability, are not able to pursue their regular education. All the children in this group undergo a routine quarterly assessment from where an individualized action plan is devised. We influence them to help one another whenever and wherever possible, and ensure their participation in social activities. In academics, the focus is placed on identification of numbers, colors, and coin and money value. The children are also taught day and date, to read and write their own name, and arts and crafts; as well as continuing the initial skills taught in the junior group.

Important note for the above 3 groups:
The collaboration with the parents is an absolute need for these children. The goal planning is done with their collaboration. Right from start, it will be made clear to parents that their child will be able to attend the classes in KIRAN only for a particular time of 3-5 years

4. Self Care Group :
Children in the range of 12-20 years are admitted into this group. Due to their mental or physical limitation, they are unable to receive school education. All the children in this group undergo a routine quarterly assessment from where an individualized action plan is devised. The focus of activities is to develop as much independence as possible in their daily activities and life skills such as sitting, eating, dressing, and personal safety.

5. We Can Do :
Children with severe physical and mental limitation in the range of 16 to 18 years are admitted into this group. The course duration is two years, during which effort is made to increase their understanding and independence in household work such as basic cleaning, washing clothes, caring for others, money handling, and other life skills. On completion of the course, assistance is provided wherever possible to rehabilitate them for an independent livelihood, with the help of their parents and the Social Integration department of KIRAN.

6.  Hearing Impaired Section :
This is a two years course divided into three levels: Level 1 (under 6 years of age), Level 2 (under 10 years of age), and Level 3 (under 14 years of age). This course is meant to develop language and some academic knowledge through lip reading, reading, and writing skills. Children follow a basic course and appear for half yearly and annual examinations. On successful completion of the course children are integrated into regular schools wherever possible, and some receive admission to special schools meant for hearing impaired children, while others go for skills development training.