KIRAN’s Supporters

With joy we inaugurated on 25th January the small Memorial of Abbé Pierre, on the premises of the new housing-project.

It is to a great extend thanks to the Abbé Pierre Foundation that our dream can slowly get realized : to create an integrated open community-living, where KIRAN children who have no caring family will later on find a home.


In the year 2010 KIRAN has received the wonderful support of CHF 19’000.- for the purchase of a new school-bus from Swisslos | Kanton St.Gallen, Switzerland.

BusSince the KIRAN Village is situated 15 km outside the crowded city of Varanasi, in a beautiful green spot, it is necessary to fetch the many children, from their neighbourhood, mostly with a disability, so as to give them a chance to attend school and therapy services at KIRAN.

ChildrenThe existing busses were no more sufficient due to the increasing number of children, and therefore it was urgent to find support.

To purchase a new bus is quite a laborious adventure, since in one place only the chasses can be bought, and then it has to be brought to another workshop where the body is built up, like one builds a house: every detail has to be carefully thought about and given instruction. And in a bus which needs to be fit for the transport of CP-affected children which come with their wheelchair, this demands quite some clever brain!!

PoojaBut when at last the new bus was ready, we had a colourful Ritual by which the bus and the children were blessed.

Well, we are most happy and thankful to Swisslos x Kanton St.Gallen for the marvellous support, which allows us now to transport our differently-able school-children in a “worthy” manner.