Indian KIRAN Friends Association

With much of the support for the KIRAN Society coming from foreign countries, especially from Europe, our Executive Director, Sangeeta JK with the help of friends located in St. Gallen, Switzerland, established the Indian KIRAN Friends Association, IKFA for short. In 2008, after a long established program in Switzerland, IKFA found a second home at the KIRAN Village in India. IKFA functions to give individuals the opportunity to make one time and long term donations to the KIRAN Society. Working collaboratively across nations IKFA functions with the same goals both abroad and here in India:

• To keep our Friends up to date about KIRAN activities and events.
• To create a local platform for information, awareness, and fundraising in Varanasi city.
• To create professional connections between KIRAN individuals and organizations looking to hire or support a differently-able individual.
• To provide an opportunity for individuals to share their time with differently-able individuals, whether this is financially, socially, or emotionally.

In recent years we have regrettably been unable to keep in constant contact with our many Friends, and have suffered a decline in membership as well as quality of service. We are actively working to better IKFA and our connections to our many current and future generous Friends. Please bear with us during this transitional period as we develop a better program for interaction and support.

For more information on IKFA click through the detailed pages on the side bar or please contact our IKFA representative:
Office: 0542-2670166 / 2670165