IGP and Micro Credit

KIRAN helps support youngsters and their families through a well planned income generation program through micro credit. KIRAN provides micro credit as a business capital for projects such as: agricultural, goat, or cattle farming; tractor or other equipment finance; tea stalls and food stand;, general merchant shops; and tailoring businesses, among other things. All KIRAN graduates have access to this program and KIRAN staff work closely with the youngster and their family to help ensure their success. Each program considers the individual youngster and their interests to help them gain as much independence as possible.

Micro Credit1  


City Youth Meeting:

Youth-MeetingTo maintain contact and family-spirit of KIRAN with the youngsters who have been integrated into some job outside KIRAN Centre, regular meetings (City Youth Meetings)
are held once in every two months at our Suryoday Hostel in the city to share experience and knowledge. Special events such as Cricket matches and cultural programs are held to provide a good opportunity to meet friends- disabled as well as non-disabled. Also a group of students join the adventure camp in Siliguri, near Darjeeling every year.

We are convinced that inclusion of differently abled people into society through social integration is a must as well as a right for every human being!

It gives an immense pleasure and a sense of proud that many youngsters from KIRAN have found a place in society and a good job too. One of our alumnae Anish Yadav is working as Head Baker in German Bakery, Dheeraj is working as Office Assistant at South Point Vidya Ashram and Ramnarayan as Office Assistant at Martha Root.