Social Integration


Along with education and rehabilitation, KIRAN focuses on the successful integration of differently-able individuals into mainstream society through employment and awareness. We are constantly in the process of increasing the opportunities for integration of our youngsters into a successful working life. With everyone involved including the youngster, their family members, and KIRAN staff the process becomes a smooth and continuous endeavor.
When the youngsters are close to the completion of their courses at KIRAN, our Social Integration department takes over the task to support and guide the youngsters considering their abilities and desires; as well as keeping them in contact with the medical staff on KIRAN campus for those that still require physical therapy and medications.


Some of our students continue their studies in Varanasi city or at a university in the state after successful completion of their courses at KIRAN. Those who have undergone a vocational training program are assisted in starting their own venture or finding suitable employment elsewhere.


The Social Integration department continuously creates awareness programs throughout the city to educate the community about health, sanitation, and individuals with different abilities. Annually the department organizes a program on the Assi Ghat in Varanasi for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.