Auditorium & Dormentry


The HRTC facility is comprised of a large lecture hall (approximately 100 person capacity) with modern presentation technology, an on-site dormitory, and canteen. The lecture hall is fully air conditioned and includes modern video technology with an LCD-projector, and is able to serve for conferences, national meetings, seminars, etc. KIRAN offers the auditorium for educational workshops and seminars conducted either by KIRAN staff or for an individual organization’s needs. KIRAN also provides a paid dormitory for individuals undergoing training programs on-campus.


Auditorium Charges (with AC):

Rs.4000 for Full Day, Rs.2500 for Half Day

Luzina WS HRT

Dormitory Charges:

Rs.250 per person per day (For Lodging)
Rs.275 per person per day (Food + Lodging)

If you or your organization would like to rent the HRTC facilities or seek our resources for a short term course please contact:

HRT Dormery1