Outreach Services


Through the outreach services unit, KIRAN works with children from Varanasi and far away villages in the surrounding districts of Uttar Pradesh. The outreach services unit works in two environments: through the outreach team providing services to families in their community, and through our on-campus outreach unit where families are able to access the services and hostel facilities provided by KIRAN Society for a self-determined period of time on an as needed basis.

The outreach team consists of a neurologist, therapists, special educators, and an orthotic and prosthetics technician. The outreach team examines children and youngsters to bring them rehabilitation services through therapy, education, training, and counseling. These services are provided at the doorstep of the families through a camp approach. The team organizes annual camps at different locations of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar at regular intervals to deliver these services. For surgical management, the children are brought to the KIRAN Village for their pre- and post-operative care. A team of ortho-surgeons are involved in caring for corrective surgeries within affordable means of the family in Varanasi city.

The outreach services also provide an in-home services to children with orthopedic disabilities who are unable to travel to the KIRAN Village or the outreach camp location. The team also works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which are specialized in common society development services such as rural development, livelihood opportunity, and  literacy to all, among others, at the grass root level. Through this unit KIRAN tries to integrate children and youngsters into the regular development programs of these organizations by providing technical guidance and intensive training programs for the organizations workers of different levels, and by continuing regular follow-ups as needed.