KIRAN Society’s Polyclinic


KIRAN offers a full service on-campus Clinic. In April 2018 Kiran Society has received the official recognition by the District Chief Medical Office and is registered as Kiran Society’s Polyclinic with Rehabilitation Center. The team of doctors comprises the Medical Director Dr. Moreno Toldo, Neurologist , who is present full time, and the following other Specialists who are available on call: Dr. Kaushal Agrawal and Dr. Ravi P. Sahai, both Orthopaedic Surgeons, Dr. Sw. Varishthananda, Paediatrician and Dr. Monica Gupta, General Physician.
The Clinic is equipped with a qualified nurse and vast array of necessary and emergency medications and medical treatments. The clinic serves as the main office of our medical director and gives assistance to students, trainees, and staff, providing them first aid and medicines as necessary. Prescriptions and over the counter medicines are provided free of charge for long term treatments depending on the economic conditions of the individual and families. When necessary, children and youngsters are referred to specialist doctors and hospitals for treatment. Nutritional supplementation is also administered to the children and trainees when necessary; and vaccinations for tetanus are administered to trainees and staff.

Patients admitted in the outreach hostel of KIRAN Society for intensive physiotherapy and gait training or after orthopaedic surgery are cared for and receive medicines and dressing through the clinic.

Regular physical check-ups are organized for the school children and trainees annually; and health education classes are held for teachers and students on important topics such as proper nutrition and disease prevention.
Beginning from 2009, KIRAN Society has introduced a Health Insurance Scheme available to all staff members, which covers medical expenses for hospital admissions and several chronic diseases on top of the available services through the dispensary.