Orthotic Workshop

KIRAN’S state of the art orthotic and prosthetic unit began as a simple workshop in 1993 by one of our late staff members. Through the assistance of international professionals and donations, the workshop has continued to stay updated and is equipped with world class advanced machines such as: an electric oven, suction machine, router, drill machine, compressor machine, dust collector, PP cutter, heat gun, laminator, and saw machine. The unit consists of a large workshop; trial and fitting room; measurement and modification room; and has been used as the blue print for orthotic and prosthetic units around the country.

The orthotic and prosthetic workshop manufactures and fits appliances for children and youngsters with physical disabilities from Varanasi and far off villages. We fabricate orthoses of upper limb, lower limb, and spine; and prosthesis for lower limbs. These appliances are made after proper measurement is taken and fabricated in the workshop within a stipulated time frame and up to the satisfaction of the user.

Through this unit, wheelchairs, crutches, and gaiters are also distributed. These activities are performed under the supervision and guidance of qualified experienced rehabilitation professionals. This unit is continuously supported by an expert orthotist from Switzerland who comes for a varying period once a year to teach and collaborate with the technicians and ensure that the workshop functions with the most modern and tested techniques.

This unit also has the advantage of receiving prosthetic parts, crutches, and wheelchairs from orthopedic companies based in Switzerland.