Physio and Occupational Therapy Unit:

The Physio and Occupational Therapy Unit focus on the physical rehabilitation of day-care children and youngsters with disabilities along with KIRAN staff. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists work together with these children on the basis of their individualized rehabilitation plan (IRP) drawn under the direction and supervision of our medical director.

The goal is to ensure each child achieves maximum functional ability and independence in their life. This unit has a specialized focus towards the needs of the children in our special education and primary school. The therapy unit supports the special education unit in order to make the KIRAN Village a model school for neuro-rehabilitation for similar schools existing or establishing in and around the Varanasi district.

Therapy is provided using different approaches including: sensory integration, activity based therapy, exercise based therapy, and electro therapy, according to the needs, ability, cooperation, and motivation of the children. Therapeutic exercises are always done with the active participation of the child or youngster, in a playful way using the on-campus playground, hydro therapy pool, trampoline, and ball pit, in a group or individually, whenever possible.

This unit has been upgraded and fitted with modern equipment such as a continuous passive motion machine, a traction unit, ultrasonic therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation equipment, stationary bicycle, stair case, advanced parallel bar, and equilibrium boards. With this upgraded facility and under the guidance of doctors and specialists we provide a variety of advanced rehabilitation services for our children and youngsters.

Many of the staff who suffer from disabilities and neuro-muscular problems also have access to these resources.