General Movements Assessment in Neonates  for Early Identification and  Intervention, Social Support and Health Awareness  ( G.A.N.E.S.H.)  Project


This project is financially supported by a grant of General Movement Trust, Graz, Austria. There is strong evidence that the earlier a rehabilitative intervention is applied, the better are the results. Now, it is possible to  identify  children with motor disabilities, like cerebral palsy, already in the first5 months of a child’s  life, thanks to a simple non- invasive  assessment of the general movements (GMA)  of neonates and infants ( these are the spontaneous non- intentional movements that infants have from early fetal life until about 5 months after birth at the due date, when in  wakeful  state).  GMA has been internationally recommended as the best clinical tool to predict cerebral palsy in infants younger than 5 months. The aim of GANESH project is to identify neonates and infants at high risk of developmental delay and cerebral palsy through the use of GMA and intervene with appropriate physical and cognitive stimulation through counseling and training of their mothers. The project involves the   CBR staff trained to assess and record the GMs, in collaboration with government health staff ANMs and ASHAs.