What is Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship is an opportunity for those who believe that every child has an equal right to flourish and groom in the society, without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion or disability. All who believe that each and every society members have a common responsibility to bring differently able children and youngsters into the mainstream. Any person can contribute to the overall development of a child by contributing towards their education/therapy/ appliances/food/transport or hostel.

How your contribution helps us:

We strongly believe that a healthy mind rests in a healthy body. Thus, an overall development is the utmost need of any child. Your support will be used for the same commitment for the needy children and youths.

What you get by enrolling yourself in the sponsorship program

  • A six monthly report of children and youngsters being sponsored will be sent to you.
  • You are always welcome to visit us and interact with the children.
  • You will receive regular updates of KIRAN’s activities, either by email or Whatsapp.
  • The “Ray of Hope” will spread and empower more and more children – will this not warm-up your heart also with joy?
  • Every year around Diwali festival, we shall have a get-together of all members.


 How you can contribute:

You can choose any option from the given list below.

  • Let the child walk – Rs. 500 only
  • Let the child study  – Rs.1500 only
  • Let the child enjoy nutritious food – Rs. 750 only
  • Let the child get well – Rs. 500 only
  • Let the child access school – Rs. 500 only
  • Let’s have special occasion celebration with children –  1000 only

(Like Birthday, Marriage anniversary, Death anniversary)

Or you can sponsor a child’s need just by donating any amount between Rs.100 to Rs.300 monthly.

You can donate in cash/through cheque /online transfer and get a benefit of Income Tax Exemption.

How to get involved :

  • You can pay a visit to us and just fill a Sponsorship form.
  • You can mail to us on mail ID – sponsorship@kiranvillage.org

How to contribute:

You can choose any mode of payment –

  • Cash at account department
  • Cheque in favor of KIRAN Society
  • By NEFT transfer in the account in UBI Bank having account number – 422402010005516 and IFSC code – UBIN0543241