From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Gujrat to Arunachal Pradesh entire nation was drenched in the three colors of joy, love, unity, integrity, pride, and peace. 72nd Independence Day was celebrated across the country, KIRAN center celebrated the auspicious occasion by hosting the Indian National Flag, children of KIRAN’s Inclusive and Special school has given various performances filled with patriotism. Dr. Nitin Bansal, Municipal Commissioner of Varanasi has celebrated the Independence Day with the KIRAN.

Children presented a song full of motivation and patriotism, composed by KIRAN. A dance performance was presented by the children of inclusive school and special school, children with hearing impairment have matched feet with the non-differently able children. To perform on the Independence Day they have worked hard which was visible in their sync with the music.

Independence Day celebration is incomplete if we do not remember the great soul who had laid their lives for the nations, Children presented a play based on the last few days of Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil’s life. Children have made this play memorable with their heartfelt performances.

The celebration was concluded with the blissful and guiding words of Dr. Nitin Bansal.


Eid Celebration 2018

KIRAN celebrates equality, harmony and peace with enthusiasm, KIRAN celebrate happiness regardless of caste, religion, gender and disability. KIRAN celebrate all faiths, at KIRAN people of different faith and beliefs together celebrate all the different festivals. 

This year on Eid celebration students have presented various cultural activity on the theme of Eid.



Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2018 at KIRAN Village Concluded with performances from the children of Kiran Center including differently abled children.Dr. Shubhra Verma, Asst. Prof. Performance and Art Kashi Vidyapeeth was the chief guest at the event. The theme of the Summer Camp 2018 was ” Precious Water”, Children has beautifully explained the importance of preserving water through Plays, Dance, and Songs. Art made by children of KIRAN center, Product of KIRAN vocational skill training were also on display. Children from Sunbeam school also participated in summer camp where they earned various things such as wood art, food preservation, paper bag making etc. 
~ summer camp 2018 has ended but our determination to Save Water will never end. 
 ~Water is Precious         
~जल अनमोल है

International Day for the Persons with Disabilities
2nd December 2016
On the eve of the International Day for the Persons with Disabilities, KIRAN began celebrating when our group went on a short trip into the city of Varanasi to have a program at Assi Ghat. There the children were able to interact with a larger audience through a cultural program to create more awareness. They were able to perform a special “abilities dance” on the Assi Ghat stage, as well as set up tables to display the hand-made works of the arts & design training unit and also some aked goods from our KIRAN Suryoday Swiss bakery & Cafe!
Picture2Picture3Picture53rd December 16
Since the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) was started on 3 December, 1992 by the United Nations, this special day has been celebrated worldwide to build a more inclusive world for persons with disabilities.  And because this is an important topic close to the heart of KIRAN, we couldn’t limit the festivities to only one day!
Picture6It’s actual date we celebrated a fun day of sports for the children right on KIRAN’s campus. The activities were adapted so that there were games that all children of every age and ability could play! We had running races and wheelchair races, musical chairs with hoops for our friends that use crutches, balloon games for the young children, and even a game to see who could eat a hanging sweet the fastest! Based on all of the smiles and laughter, the students (and staff too!) truly enjoyed the day.
Picture10 Picture12 Picture13 Picture14 Picture15 Picture16During the program, KIRAN had an inauguration of the new booklets, prepared by the education department, which contain helpful information on inclusive set up. The books have been given to the local teachers & principals of the villages. This way, we can help teachers even outside of KIRAN gain better skills to help teach and care for all of the students in their classrooms.
Picture7Since part of the goal for IDPD is to spread awareness about our wonderful friends with disabilities, KIRAN also celebrated the day in other places outside our village.
DSCN7757DSCN7772And on 6th December, the Rehabilitation Department celebrated the International Disability Day at Rasara, Balia with a cultural celebration. Children & youngsters from different schools, as well as their teachers, parents, head of schools and staffs of BRC participated in the program.
DSCN7871 DSCN7912 DSCN7976 DSCN8022On this occasion, helpful booklets regarding having an inclusion class with students with different disabilities were also inaugurated and distributed to the principals & teachers.

It was a great day for us all to inaugurate the new vocational training hostel for girls on April 22, 2015. The name has be given “SHRISHTI” , which means Creation. We do hope that it will enrich the girls to learn the skill and to create their life in a beautiful way…

22 april 2015 (2) 22 april 2015 (3) 22 april 2015 (4) 22 april 2015 (5)


 A Very BIG thanks to our supporters !!!


26jan2015 (9)KIRAN Celebrated 66th Republic Day of our nation on 26th January 2015 with enthusiasm. Our children and youngsters were high highly motivated by the presence as well as valuable speech of Honorable Chief Guest- Shri Ramesh Pandey: Divisional Manager, Parle-G, Varanasi and Guests- General Body Members, KIRAN. Followed to the flag hosting ceremony by the Chief Guest, several cultural programs were presented by our children. The program had started at 09.00 a.m. with the completion of sweet distribution to all our children, youngsters and staff at 11.00 a.m.
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Balwdiwas Celebration 2014 was a joyful occasion for our children where they enjoyed while participating in several sports and cultural activities followed by the children film displayed at our assembly hall. You can have the glimpse of the program shown hereunder: