At KIRAN, education is a vital step in supporting the confidence, dreams, and talents of our students. We emphasize small class sizes and a need-based, holistic approach to embrace the individuality of each child. The Education Department at KIRAN is dedicated to serving students with different abilities and from marginalized communities without us, may not be able to attend school. We offer both Special Education and Inclusive Education Units that work together to create community across all divisions. The Inclusive Education model strives to brings students with different abilities alongside students from poor and under-resourced sections of society together to learn in a supportive and diverse atmosphere. Our Special Education Unit strives to create the same environment while catering to the needs of students with different abilities. Through our Hearing Impaired (HI) track and our dedicated special educators, we work with each student to bring education to them in the way they best receive it.

Specific Educational Facilities:

Transportation- We provide transportation facilities across the urban area of Varanasi, Ramnagar, and some of the surrounding villages to our center daily.
Computer lab
Science lab
Audio-Visual Lab
A bilingual library containing over 800 books
Free nutritious breakfast and lunch
Sports, yoga, and meditation
Medical checkups
Values-Based Education: We encourage the moral and ethical reasoning of our students.
Hostels: We provide separate hostels for male and female students that are not properly supported in their homes or are unable to commute regularly.
Summer Camp- We offer summer programs to students centered on topics such as environmental justice, disability rights, and sports.
Artist Day- Every Saturday, we offer a day dedicated to experiential learning and allowing students to explore their creativity in different ways. Although most Artist Days allow students to choose between a variety of artistic mediums, we dedicate a few a semester to other experiences such as gardening and cooking.
Awareness Creation- In order to increase our student’s awareness of their rights and the rights of others, we emphasize activities that bring attention to the laws and forms of activism active in our community. Although we focus on disability rights, we also educate students on Women’s Rights and environmental justice. Throughout the semester we have several events dedicated to these issues along with topics such as sanitation, disease prevention, and the benefits of a plastic free campus and community.