One of the core initiatives lying at the heart of KIRAN, ever since it came into existence, is quality education. KIRAN conducts education with small class sizes to give every child an opportunity for growth. The education system followed at KIRAN centre is need-based and holistic, in order to benefit each child individually and as a whole.

The Education Department of the centre focuses on those children and youngsters who may not be able to attend school due to unfavorable circumstances, either physical or financial limitations. It follows the Inclusive Education model, an educational system which provides a common platform to children with all abilities for their personal and intellectual growth. KIRAN offers integrated classrooms wherever possible. The school consists of two units: inclusive school unit and the special education unit

Educational Facilities:
Transportation- We provide transportation facilities across the urban area of Varanasi,  Ramnagar, and some of the surrounding villages.
Computer lab
Science lab
Audio-Visual Lab
A bilingual library containing over 800 books
Free nutritious breakfast and lunch
Sports, yoga, and meditation
Medical checkups
Values Based Education which is meant to develop the moral and ethical values of the students.
Separate hostels for girls and boys

Summer Camp- It is organized within campus during the summer holidays for all children who wish to participate.

Artist Day- Artistic Day is organized every Wednesday to give a platform for all of the children to let them express and explore their creative talent.

Awareness Creation- The children learn about and perform different activities in order to spread awareness regarding their rights, and facilities provided by the government to individuals with disabilities, including women’s rights. These performances are conducted within campus as well as on various occasions in the community. Awareness activities also focus on sanitation, disease prevention, benefits of an eco-friendly environment, and a plastic free campus and community, among other educational topics related to India.