City Youth Meetings


With a view to maintain contact with the youngsters who have continued on outside of the KIRAN Centre organizes regular youth meetings are held in the city of Varanasi or on KIRAN Village campus. Youth from the city are invited to join these meetings and encourage youngsters to bring a friend with them on these occasions. These meetings are held on the third Sunday every other month at either the Suryoday Hostel or in the assembly hall on campus to share experience and knowledge. Special events such as cricket matches and cultural programs are regularly held to provide a good opportunity to meet friends of all abilities.


We are convinced that inclusion of differently able individuals into society through social integration is a must as well as a right for every human being! It gives us immense pleasure and a sense of pride that many youngsters from KIRAN have found a place in society and a successful job as well.

Many of our youngsters have used their skills gained at KIRAN to achieve gainful employment or further their education. To read more about the youngsters who have left KIRAN click through the Success Stories link on the side bar.