Health Awareness and Livelihoods


In partnership with Disability and Development Partners (DDP), a UK based organization; KIRAN runs the Health, Awareness, and Livelihoods (HAL) project. This program aims to reduce poverty and hunger by improving access to employment and credit, and seeks to improve health outcomes for mothers and infants, including decreasing maternal mortality rate, neonatal morality rate, infant mortality rate, and child mortality rate in the 50 villages connected to the CBR unit.

KIRAN helps organize and strengthen self-help groups to empower women to become agents of change in their communities, and helps train local health care workers in the area of disabilities creating further community awareness. This is a four-year program and began in mid-2014. Since the introduction of the program, not a single death related to child birth has been reported. This is due in large part to the education and workshops provided by the HAL project. In all of the villages where KIRAN has provided assistance through the HAL project, women are becoming empowered through the self-help groups and group savings programs, taking the poor and marginalized families out of the mercy of the many money lenders in the areas, thus effecting a visual change in their communities.