International approach


In 2000, ten years after the creation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the UN committee convened for the World Education Forum to create the Dakar Framework for Action. The concept of “Education for All” was critiqued in this framework.

Various points from the Dakar Framework for Action illustrate how to improve the concept of “Education for All”

“9. Enhance the status, morale, and professionalism of teachers.

  1. Teachers are essential players in promoting quality education, whether in school or in more flexible community-based programs; they are advocates for, and catalysts of, change. No education reform is likely to succeed without the active participation and ownership of teachers. Teachers at all levels of the education system should be respected and adequately remunerated; have access to training and ongoing professional development and support, including through open and distance learning; and be able to participate, locally and nationally, in decisions affecting their professional lives and teaching environments. Teachers must also accept their professional responsibilities and be accountable to both learners and communities.


  1. Clearly defined and more imaginative strategies to identify, attract, train and retain good teachers must be put into place. These strategies should address the new role of teachers in preparing students for an emerging knowledge-based and technology-driven economy. Teachers must be able to understand diversity in learning styles and in the physical and intellectual development of students, and to create stimulating, participatory learning environments.”

UNESCO, the Dakar Framework for Action 2000, “Education for All”

With these initiatives in mind KIRAN helps to bring them to practice within our school. We offer educational opportunities are all children regardless of ability, caste, financial circumstance, gender, or religion. KIRAN also continually trains our staff and teachers to improve their understanding and increase their knowledge within the classroom and throughout KIRAN Society with a focus on quality education and inclusion.

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